About Me

I'm a first-year linguistics graduate student in the Univeristy of Texas at Austin, specializing in indigeous languages of Latin America. In particular, I study the Valley Zapotec languages of Oaxaca, Mexico, in both modern and colonial forms. My recent work includes collaboration on an initiative to support Zapotec high school students in writing their language on Twitter (see #UsaTuVoz) and, more theoretically, studying conjunction (‘and’) in Colonial Valley Zapotec.

Research areas

Fieldwork and language documentation: documentation, description, and revitalization of Zapotec languages

Historical linguistics and philology: translation and analysis of archival Zapotec documents from the 16th–18th centuries

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At the Archivo General del Poder Ejecutivo del Estado de Oaxaca
Photo by Brook Danielle Lillehaugen


May Helena Plumb
University of Texas at Austin
Department of Linguistics
College of Liberal Arts (CLA) 4.304
Office: CLA 4.700E12
Email: mayhplumb@utexas.edu
Twitter: @mayhplumb